MAVO Prime Set


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WesterPark studio is excited to present you the first MAVO Primes in Europe.


MAVO Prime is designed specifically for large format cinema camera. The optical quality is superb, and there is nearly no dispersion even when the lens aperture is fully opened. The diameter of image circle of all the lenses exceeds 46.5mm, which can cover MAVO LF/Venice FF, also cover RED Monstro VV/Alexa LF, and C700 FF. Also, it fits for cinema camera with S35 sized sensor. 

The cine-style focus and iris rings on MAVO Prime allow for smooth focus and iris adjustments. For all lenses, the focus/iris ring locations are exactly same for convenience in field shooting. The angle of focus rotation is 270 degrees, while the angle of iris rotation is around 70 degrees. The smooth and large-range iris ring provides continuous adjustment from T22 to T2.0.

The  MAVO primes come with EF mount.

The sets consits of : 


25mm T2.1

35mm T2.0

50mm T2.0

75mm T2.0

100mm T2.0


Footage shot with the MAVO Prime 25mm and 100mm.