Face-2-Face Interview Periscope & Teleprompter Hybrid


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The Face 2 Face unit allows the interviewer to have a conversation while the interviewee’s eye line is directly into the lens. The effect is a dramatic comfort level between the subject and the interviewer. The interviewees responses seem warmer and more genuine as if they’re talking directly to the person watching the video. Its two way beam splitter glass and periscope design allow for a quick and easy set up. Simply mount the face-to-face on a tripod and mount your camera on another tripod behind the face to face window. While your interviewee is talking to a reflection of you they will unknowingly be starring right at the camera! Award winning filmmaker Errol Morris has used this technique in several of his documentaries.



  • Eye-Contact Interview Tool + Prompter
  • Allows Interviewee to Look Into Camera
  • Ensures Eye-Contact with Audience
  • Insert Tablet/Phone and Use As Prompter