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This set includes:

  • 20-55mm T2.8
  • 50-125mm T2.8

​Lens features:


  • Mount: PL or EF
  • Sensor Coverage: Super 35mm
  • Focal Length: 20-55mm
  • Maximum Aperture: T2.8
  • Focus Throw: 300 degrees
  • Iris: 16 blades
  • Image Stabilization: None
  • Weight: 1.4 kg (3.1 lbs)
  • Length: 182mm (7.2 inches)
  • Filter Thread: 86mm
  • front diameter: 95mm


  • Mount: PL or EF
  • Sensor Coverage: Super 35mm
  • Focal Length: 50-125mm
  • Maximum Aperture: T2.8
  • Focus Throw: 300 degrees
  • Iris: 16 blades
  • Image Stabilization: None
  • Weight: 1.5 kg (3.2 lbs)
  • Length: 198mm (7.8 inches)
  • Filter Thread: 86mm
  • front diameter: 95mm


The DZOFILM pictor super35 zoom are versatile cinema lenses that are popular among professional cinematographers and videographers for a variety of reasons.

With their wide focal length range, they can be used for a variety of shooting scenarios, including wide-angle establishing shots, mid-range shots, and close-ups. The T2.8 maximum aperture allows for low-light shooting and shallow depth of field, which is ideal for creating cinematic images with a pleasing bokeh.

The lens' 16-blade iris ensures smooth and circular bokeh, making it a great choice for creative shots where the background blur is an important part of the visual composition. The 300-degree focus throw allows for precise and accurate focus control, which is essential for narrative storytelling and other types of filmmaking where precise focus is critical.

Overall, the DZOFILM pictor super35 zoom lens set is a reliable and versatile set that can help filmmakers achieve their creative vision. It is well-suited for a variety of genres, including narrative, documentary, and commercial productions, and is often used in conjunction with other cinema lenses to create a more comprehensive kit for a professional film production.


Video shot with a DZOFILM Pictor Zoom Lens: