Nanlite Forza 60


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Monolight style light fixture with amazing output relative to its size. Weighing only 800 grams it can output 11950 Lux without  or 23860 Lux  with the Fresnel that is included of 5600K daylight-balanced light at 1 meter. Its  high CRI/TLCI of 98/95 makes sure  that the color rendition is accurate.  With pre-programmed special effects in the menu system Forza makes it easy to simulate lighting effects of lightning, TV screen, flash or a malfunctioning light bulb. Optimized for a location or a studio Forza 60 can run off via AC adaptor or it can use V-lock battery through D-tap.


  • Cooling - Active silent fan
  • Color temperature 5600K
  • CRI 98
  • Lument output 5600K - 6732 Lumens 
  • Battery compatibilty - V-mount 14.8V battery 
  • Max power consumption - 60 W