Chewa LMB-15 Mattebox


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The Chewa LMB-15 style matte box, clamp-on design with 3 filter stages, very good construction and quality, its 114mm and 95mm adaptor rings for Arri Master Prime, Ultra Prime and Compact Prime, and there are two optional adaptor rings—80mm for Arri Macro or Super Speed, and 134mm for Arri Alura 45-250mm.

Main Features:

*Available with 2 filter trays’ stage and 3 filter trays’ stage, filter size 4*4 or 4*5.65
*Clip-on adaptors for different lens diameter: 114mm, 110mm, 95mm
*Include carbon top flag
*Extended converage for wide-anlge film and digital lenses

Configuration Overview:
LMB-15 set: basic module(include filter stage for 3 filters, french flag holder)

*top light shield
*lens adaptor, clip-on design (114mm, 110mm, 95mm)
*transport case