Tilta Nucleus-Nano


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The Tilta Nucleus-N is a wireless follow focus system with 1 motor and the compact brother of the Tilta Nucleus-M. The Nucleus-N is specially designed for use on handheld glimbals and with all DSLR, mirrorless and cine-style lens systems.

The Nucleus-Nano Hand Wheel Controller can be compared to the FIZ unit (the remote control) of the Nucleus-M but then more compact. The 14500mah battery makes it possible to work with the controller for 6 hours. Tilta’s wireless follow focus system is characterized by a high degree of accuracy, flexibility and is very accurate. The Nucleus-Nano Hand Wheel Controller works up to approximately 90 meters without delay.

The completely redesigned Nucleus-Nano Motor produces hardly any noise but has a high torque. It is actually possible to make super fast and precise focus pulls. The built-in 15mm rod adapter ensures that the Nucleus-Nano Motor can easily be mounted on cages and gimbals. The motor is powered via a Micro USB connection of 5-18 volts. The torque of the Nucleus-N Motor at 5.5V is 0.65N · m and at 14.8V is 1N · m.
Finally, the Nucleus-Nano Motor also works with the FIZ unit of the Nucleus-M.