Portkeys LH5P 5.5" Monitor


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PortKeys LH5 HDR 5inch 4K HDMI Touch Screen Monitor. The LH5 HDR has four user-defined function keys, touchscreen and menu settings with dial, which makes for easy operation.The Portkeys 5 “LH5 HDR Monitor delivers superb image quality in a small, compact enclosure – an economical alternative to the Small HD 5 inch monitors.

True 1920×1080 HD screen resolution offers crisp, detailed images, while the IPS screen provides better colour and viewing angle.The compact size and light weight makes the LH5s the ideal choice for lightweight rigs, gimbals and cameras.

This small monitor is equipped with all necessary software functions for the perfect shoot: pseudo-colour, focus assist, clipping, as well as histogram and audio bar.Also picture flip possible, so you can adjust the 5 “monitor to your wishes.A contrast Ratio 1000: 1 makes the images lively, even in daylightConnection is very easy via the HDMI input and output.

Headphone connection and audio meter display helps you set the audio level perfectly.